Contribute to the Scholarship Fund

Welcome! I’m so glad you clicked onto this link!  That probably means you’re interested in learning how you can help.

The MCCIA’s a small association, and its leadership tries very hard to communicate with all members so they’ll know what their organization is doing, and so the organization can reach out when it needs help. Members range in age from retirees in their 80s to young active duty sergeants still in their 20s. And our unique passion – the glue that binds us together – is our connection to Marine Corps counterintelligence and to its ever-growing sibling, human intelligence.

The MCCIA is, truly, a band of brothers.  We brothers exist to help each other, to grow our membership, and to share knowledge. The older members offer historical perspective and the occasional lesson-learned, and the younger members provide a continuous stream of knowledge and current affairs of the MOS to the entire membership.

As you know, we’ve now developed our own scholarship program to provide annual financial grants to our members’ children, grandchildren, and wives who are in full-time pursuit of a college degree.

Who provides the funds for these grants?  We do. We members provide funds through our own direct contributions and by persuading friends, family, business enterprises (and anyone else!), that contributions to this fund are a good thing.

For our members who find a fifty or hundred dollar contribution each year a bit too much for their already-stretched family budget, we’d be thrilled to have twenty.  Ten. Five. And if even that’s too much, we’d love to have the pocket-change from the top of your nightstand. The bottom line, of course, is that this program of ours will be only as successful as our contributions make it, and the number of students we help with our grants each year is completely - entirely - dependent upon us. We band of brothers.

I ask earnestly for your contributions not only this year, but every year hereafter. Let’s be always faithful to our college students who deserve our help.  With whatever amount you can spare, please mark your check for “Scholarship Fund,” and mail it to MCCIA at the address listed at the bottom of this page.

Semper Fidelis,
Mike Dubrule, Chairman
MCCIA Scholarship Program