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CI Historical Update

1 year 9 months ago #12 by Charles Menges
CI Historical Update was created by Charles Menges

In 1988, Mr John Gunther approach me to discuss writing the History of Maine Coups Counterintelligence. The first publication of the history was completed 1994. The first copy of the History was both printed and on Compact Disc format. Since then NO additional update were considered.

For the past four months, I have been gathering material for writing a update of that history. The present History that is posted on MCCIA website has been revised with new information, etc. Also, I have added several new section, i.e., Grenada, Beirut Bombing, Somalia and Desert Shield/Desert Storm. Also, since we have a Reserve CI force another section has been created. One example of this update is Section 9. Presently is 67 page - the new update is around 131 pages. Also, I would like to contact someone or they contact me

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