Table of Contents

USMC Forward Acknowledgement and Note
USMC Section 1 Marines Who Participated in the Office of Strategic Services (OSS)
USMC Section 2 Growth of the Marine Corps Counterintelligence (1941 - 1951)
USMC Section 3 Marine Corps CI Taking Shape
USMC Section 4 Post Korean Era (The Expansion of Marine Corps CI)
USMC Section 5 The First Test "Beirut Lebanon 1958"
USMC Section 6 Marine Corps Early Years of Involvement in Cuba
USMC Section 7 A Short Marine Corps CI Role in Haiti - 1963
USMC Section 8 Marine Corps CI in the Dominican Republic 1965
USMC Section 9 1960-1975 The Vietnam War
USMC Section 10 Bibliography

USMC   Counterintelligence History Reference
USMC   3rd CIT in the Republic of Vietnam, 1967-1971